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Industrial electronics

An opportunity, for companies working in the area of industrial electronics, is the increasing challenge of saving energy and increasing overall efficiency of power designs.

For more than three decades Kaschke have worked closely with the leading manufacturers of power supplies, automation & drives controllers. Now we are able to offer this expertise for the growing market of renewable energies, such as photovoltaic which heavily rely on efficient power conversion.

Kaschke supports you when ever you look for innovative solutions “just in time” for your applications.

Our competence in material development, component design and state of the art winding & connecting techniques, in dialog with your engineers, results in maximum synergy effects.

This generates optimised solutions for component platforms such as:

  • SMPS – transformers
  • PFC – chokes
  • Storage – chokes
  • CM & DM cokes for EMC
  • Sinusoidal- & resonance chokes based on KLL- technology up to 150Arms
  • IGBTs and MOS-FET drivers
  • Current sensors

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